ISO 9001:2008


Concentrating on energy generation, transmission and distribution, building electrical power plants, working on improving the electrical network and being one of the top companies in the sector. Making our customers use electrical power efficiently to let them increase their industrial activity.


Serving in environmantally conscious generation, transmission and distribution fields. Serving domestic and international Transmission Companies, Generation Companies, Autoproducers, Autoproducer groups, Distribution Companies and free consumers permanently with quality to maintain Customer Satisfaction without setting the laws at defiance.


Providing safe energy from the power plant to the customer with these services. For this purpose; working with and class A certified professional company to providing happiness for our employees and customers by providing occupational safety and focusing to their training. Finishing our works correctly in time, with quality. Being an Environmentally Conscious company. Taking our Quality Management System up to perfection in every field and obeying it, is OUR QUALITY POLICY.